Saturday, September 13, 2008

New at Persona/Jelly Tots Redux

Myllie Writer just goes from strength to strength. I remember picking up her first freebies-- I think she was in a mall in the Ivanova sim or some such. And she's never looked back. Now on her new island, she can stretch out and strut her stuff!

My first outfit is Persona's Dove in green, which I've blogged before, and VG Republic's men's jeans in Ivory Wash, but the point of the picture is the synergy between the Muted Jelly Tots and the Aoharu Bubble Pearl shoes in green. Bubbles, meet Tots :)

Hair is ETD Bonita II in apricot burnt. My skin is one of Fleur's Parfait Deuxs in strawberry.

One of the newest items from Persona is the Arabella top, which I am wearing in purple. The sculpty sleeves and collar are really well done. They fit on first wearing. And the flexi tie in back is a charming and well done accent. I am wearing the top with the Barb Plaid pants in charcoal, again without the prims, because they swallow me. My only complaint is that the trousers are not mod for tucking into boots. It's just a small thought:)

And yes I'm still wearing my Jelly Tots from Fresh Baked Goods as they tucked perfectly under the collar-well after a bit of fiddling LOL. [Pretty soon I'm going to be wearing only items made by wrongly accused creators.] Shoes are ETD Starley in Blurple. Skin is from SLink -- one of the special skins for her new release, the Isabelle. This is a special makeup that just seemed to go with the top and the tots. Hair is Bambi from Truth in apricot.


Myllie Writer said...

Hi Samara! Thank you so much for the kind words and lovely pics! :)
I wish to help you with fitting the pants cuffs, I'll look for you in-world. About the tucked-in version of the pants, the underpants layer is like that, but I'll be glad to send you a pant layer if you prefer. :)

Samara Barzane said...

My bad -- I should have checked :)