Monday, March 3, 2008

What to wear with apple green shoes!

The Shiny Things' Mary Jane Clogs were calling to me.... Samaaaara ... so I bought them. In apple green, because I loved the color. Then they languished in my inventory because -- what goes with apple green? I ran across them in one of my futile attempts to find something in my totally out of control inventory and decided they deserved to be taken for a walk. So here's the look :)

On the top I am wearing Catt's Creations Fever Green Sweater. The heart-shaped earrings are from Earthtones in gold. The forest green skirt is the Forest Mid-thigh Skirt from SLink. The leggings are from Corduroy -- with long green undies made by me to soften the transition from legging to skirt. And at the bottom those wonderful chunky Mary Janes *sigh*

I'm pretty sure my skin is Fleur's Terre 2 in buff. The hair is ETD's Bridget in auburn burnt.

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