Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting Pixeled!

When I was a relatively new avi a good friend of mine took me to the old PixelDolls store in Chartreuse. At the time I wasn't particularly style savvy, and didn't like much of what I saw. Then I discovered the Port Seraphine store just before the big sale there. And at that sale I helped myself to a lot of PixelDolls history.

On the left of the collage is Starcrossed in red. It is no longer available, but I am posting it to show that the PixelDolls style is more consistent than it might seem. I love the Japanese obi feel of the midriff with its dark gray wrappings. It's a "go-to" dress if I'm going dancing on a Friday night:)

In the middle is a new PixelDolls dress, Bonney in citron. I liked contrasting the dark lace corset with the demure pose ;) On the far right is Marzipan in aqua. The flexi skirts for both Bonney and Marzipan have a similar look and feel although the detail is quite different and the Marzipan shirt dips longer in the back. Both skirts needed adjusting on my smaller avi, but the prim sleeves for Marzipan were perfect the moment I popped them on.

I still don't like all of what PixelDolls has to offer as it doesn't suit my personality, but I'm loving these two :)

The shoes are Elika's new Heel Strap Platforms in black. At L$ 175 they would be a bargain, but, given the fine workmanship, these are a steal. No they are not Maitreya or Schmooz or whomever, but I'd love these even if I didn't work for ETD. I think my stockings on the left are Canimal Zephyr's Week of Love Fishnets. My hair in all three shots is the new ETD Aiiyanna in auburn burnt. The skin is Fleur Lustrous 2 in buff. [Somehow I got Marni off my pixels, but it wasn't easy -- she'll be back soon LOL]

I also have to mention that my new eyelashes are from Cake, the Bedroom ones. I was getting frustrated with my old ones so asked on Fashion Emergency for soft, full and not uneven. The miracle is that. not only are they perfect, they FIT perfectly from the get go. What a lovely surprise:)

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Elaine Lisle said...

I love the Starcrossed, you look great in it! And the pose looks a bit like you're an expert flamenco dancer ;-)

Good thing that you took off Marni for a while, since I got it yesterday and have been in love ever since...
With that and ETD hair, I bet we could become twins without much effort!