Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Visit to Dutch Touch

One of the things that I noticed when I joined Phil's Place almost a year ago is how prevalent and how creative the Dutch residents were, from dance clubs to fashion, including The Dockside, Aphrodite Creations, Blooberry and the well-known Dutch Touch.

I had avoided Dutch Touch as I'm not into urban grunge, nor am I entranced by bruised and battered skins. Violence against or among women is not a joke to me. But when I saw the recent releases on the fashion feed I had to go and see. It took me three visits to choose the Josh dress and then another to select the Fiep outfit.

What really won my heart once the dress was purchased was the high quality and detail of the textures. The poster shows the Josh dress without the short sleeved shirt, which needs a better picture than this to show its lacy detail, very much like an antique curtain of linen. This blouse option turns a sexy little dress into almost a national costume. Very "Dutch" in fact. The textures of the skirt layers [which needed adjusting on my small avi] are delicate and complex.

On the right is the Fiep outfit, which has numerous pieces and many layers. Since it's still winter where I am I just wore them all LOL. I am admiring the way that different colors fit together so beautifully. My only complaint is that the trousers are no-mod -- I would have liked to have been able reduce the cuff flare a bit.

On the left I am wearing the new Hampton sandal platforms in charcoal from Elika at ETD, on the right my standard ETD Calf Boots in black. Hair in both cases is ETD's Jasmine in strawberry and my skin is Fleur Marni 2 in buff.

I am also going to try to post the maker of the poses I am using from now on -- after all that is creative work indeed! Today's poses are from [LAP] Long Awkward Pose, a source of interesting and well priced poses.

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