Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Kani Halloween!

I danced at Club Cutlass last night, the human friendly, furry club on Sunweaver Air. The theme was 'toon characters, but, being in a hurry, the best I could do was a quick Kani Halloween! Who says bunnies are only for Easter?

My avi is one of Uchi Desmoulins beautiful Kani Bunnies -- this one in Mocha. I adore the pinkish inner ear :) I am wearing a Halloween special from Hexed called Envy. It may or may not be last years. The necklace is recolored from the Cachet Christal set.

My hair *is* this years from the Grid-Wide Halloween hunt. I'm a crappy hunter [I'm a bunneh!], but I did manage to acquire this amazing hair from IROLLIC. We need another pumpkin holiday so I can wear this more often *grins*. What is obvious is that not all hairstyles fit around Kani ears ;) But who cares -- it's pixels and it's a Happy Kani Halloween :)

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