Sunday, October 26, 2008

From Top to Toe:)

I have to admit that I'm a copycat here:) After I saw the (luc) Rebirth poster on the feed and knew I NEEDED it, I was also hunting down the camisole Grazia was wearing in the ad. As luck would have it, it was part of Celestial Studio's Phoenix Sweater Dress. Which I then bought in two colors because it was so wonderful. I'm wearing the Thistle.

Now how many ways do I love this dress? Many!! The cami *is* superbly lacey, but don't miss the wonderful textures on the dress itself, with the ribbed edge and the delightful double row of little buttons, plus a prim belt that is amazing and helps to mask the connection between the top and the system skirt. Yes -- system skirt. Thank you Starley for not saddling us with one of those mini-skirt prims. This is a delight! Oh and then there are the lace-edged leggings. This is just about perfection in pixel-wear.

My shoes are Elika's new Kristin Booties in Plum. The softness of the textures and the yummy bow on the side make these booties very wearable indeed!

But of course not forgetting where this all started -- with the new (luc) set, Rebirth. I got it in Turquoise, which reminds me of the Navajo Blossom design, but with the added benefit of a metal change script. I'm showing you both the black and the silver.

While looking for hair that wouldn't cover the eyes on my new Allure Smokin' 2 skin from Fleur, I rediscovered ETD's Tyra in my inventory, which I am wearing in Cinnamon Burnt. The skin shade is Truffle. Between this makeup and Lounge 2 I may never need another skin. What pleases me so much is that, in providing us with more detail and contrast in Allure, Fleur has not lost sight of the perfection that is their hallmark.

So thanks to (luc) and Grazia for getting me started and the Celestial for keeping me going!

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