Thursday, October 23, 2008

Launching in Style!

I was going to wear Nicky Ree's beautiful Mooie Vogel to the launch of Fleur's new skin line, Allure, but when my ARC came in at over 7,900 I opted for the pants version of Nicky Ree's Brenda in pink. I figured that I shouldn't be the one to lag the sim LOL

Anyway this is one of my first Nicky Ree full outfits that I purchased and I am happy as could be that I could press it into service for the event. My shoes are even older, the *Essential* Stiletto in Rosy Brown from Prim Seduction. And they seem "made" for the outfit. I'm wearing sachi Vixen's Bad Hair Day in ... erm I'll have to check [insert embarrassed face here] and Lucas Lameth's Butterfly Frolic in Gold.

All of this was to show off the new Allure skin I am wearing. In Allure I normally wear Truffle, but somehow Ivory slipped on my pixels and stayed. The makeup is Exotique 3.

I'm sorry I've taken so long between posts, but I have been busy helping many of you find your perfect "Allure." Don't be shy -- I'm happy to help!

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