Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DelEmma's Seaglass Jewelry an Expo Must!

My ETD colleague, Emmanuelle LaFollette, dropped the new Seaglass Sets on me last week and I was too d**n busy to even look. So imagine my delight when I found their booth at the Jewelry Expo [Thanks again Miriel!] and there it was and I said hmmmmm ... I think I have that already. And lo and behold I did!

I'm wearing the Seaglass set in the Mediterranean colors. The others are Atlantic, Baffin Bay and North Sea. The colors and textures are marvelous, having the dull luster of actual seaglass. My photos don't show the wonderful way the necklace lies on the neck. There are two bracelets, once of which is visible at the far left. It's a lovely additional to my wardrobe. Thanks Emm and Del :)

I'm wearing ETD Shari in Auburn Burnt. I modified the barrettes to complement the jewelry. My top is one of the Cashmere Sweaters from Sn@tch in Aqua. Skin is one of the Fleur Boutique Parfait Deux in Strawberry.

Taxi to the DelEmma Design Group booth at the Jewelry Exposition

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