Monday, December 28, 2009

My Three 'Things'...Challenge

Sam set this blogger challenge and as I dont always follow the rules I Have bent them a sorry Sam but I know you will forgive me *GRINS*.

My first is cheesy, yes, and definately not a thing in my inventory...its a who...SAMARA!! Sam is one of my closest friends both inworld and rl...she is witty, intelligent, eloquent, elegant and fun. She is my partner in crime, ie shopping and blogging, and have had some wonderful, if not at times bizarre, times. She also manages to keep my feet firmly for all this and more I love her to bits and would miss her so very much.

My second are my Miriel eyes, any colour/variety. My most missable would be the Platinum in big. Yes! I know we cant get them any more but I just cant take them off my

My third are my Cake eyelashes, seperated and tintable...I just dont take them off whatever the if I were to lose them they would be sorely missed.

So, there you have it...My Three 'Things'.

Nice challenge Sam, thanks!

PS. My portrait was taken by me but piled up by SMUTTY1..see it here


Samara Barzane said...

Sheesh--didn't expect to see my mug when I came over here LOL And in case anyone wants to know, Fury is my best mate, period!

Fury said...

Teehee...set a challenge and see me cheat..*HUGS*