Sunday, May 13, 2012

Seeking Summer

The weather in the Chicago area is doing its usual flirtation with spring. Now you see it, now you don't. So Culture Shock provided me with a much-desired sneak peek into summer with these goodies from GField and GOS.

I thought GOS' approach to a charity event, in this case for Doctors without Borders, was brilliant. The base Gator Sport Shoes are the charity item and the color add-ons are not. Once you have the shoes you want the colors. Very generous AND very smart.

My outfit is a lesson in matching mesh and system. The frill shorts are mesh and totally winning. The top is system. The sleeves are fine, but the sculpty part on the bottom just didn't look right. Fortunately the system trim is a gorgeous lace that stands on its own.

Otherwise I'm wearing sachi's Samara skin and my hard-to-remove first mesh hair from Clawtooth, available at collabo88.

Poses are from [LAP], alas her last :(

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