Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pia Meet Rhia :)

Milla Michinaga's new release for her MichiMi label is a both sporty and sexy dress called Rhia. When I saw an early draft I encouraged Milla to make a few of the Rhia colors match the Pia leggings. The black Pias work well with all the colors, but so do the colors as shown here in Aqua.

Also worthy of note is that Rhia comes with both a system skirt [which I am wearing] and a sculpty prim skirt in 4 sizes!

Hair is Tiny Bird's The Knife; Skin is Brooke Catty 6 in Medium. I wore Maitreya's ChiChi pumps both for the style and the color change options, which I used with the aqua. Earrings are [Baubles] Hole in the Moon w Stars earrings - Onyx Silver.


Fury said...

I love this dress and how you are wearing look fabulous!

Alien said...

that's a cute dress :)