Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Prelude to?

Polaire Aeghin has put all of her store, Prelude, on sale... there's talk of things being discontinued and something new on the horizon, but until then... I'm happy wearing the Bouquet Shirt in Green, with its sweet, but chic, flowers strewn on the front of the cardigan.

Then the question was what next? This winter I've been relying on a Sprawl oldie, back when it was Pushbutton Industries. It's *PBI* the Tweed in *ash*. Boots are Rea from Pixel Mode in Moss. Hair is Tiny Bird's new release, Love Love Love in Caramel for 50L Friday. My black undies peeking out are from Style Starts Here.

My skin is the about to be released "Brooke" from 5th & Oxford. I'm wearing Natural 5 in the Medium tone with freckles even! Brooke is a bit more edgy that Audrey and I like her:)

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