Sunday, January 17, 2010


The "celestial" in the blog title refers to Jori Watler's beautiful jewelry set for her alaMood brand, of the same name made for the Rezzable cyber couture fashion showcase called “2010 – The Future is Now”. The textures are superb, the script for fitting very helpful, the prims beautifully shaped to give the pieces the weight they need--all in all "celestial!"

I'm wearing one of fashion photographer, Zoe Demar's first dress creations for Niavi at the Alite Mall. Very simple, but the line and textures are classic and the skirt moves beautifully. It's called AYO Black Solid Cocktail Dress.

My hair is Tiny Bird's The Knife in Buttermilk. July SpringPassion in Natural from PXL Creations is my skin.

Congrats to both Jori and Zoe!