Sunday, October 16, 2011


Thanks again to Luna Jubilee for the 52 week color challenge. It's been quite a ride! I've taken the tack of combing my inventory for items to wear, and in the case of MULBERRY, I waxed nostalgic...

I'm wearing Claire in Raspberry [NA] from Mischief, Janie Marlowe's well-know and love brand before she rebranded as just Janie. I bought it to wear to my art opening at Tricia Aferdita's gallery in the long gone Cetus Art District. It still wears well! The skin is a memory lane visit also--*blowpop* Elizabeth tone2 in Mulberry Wine, still available. The hair is from RubisoHo in wine and is called Duri. The store still exists. Shoes are new, from Pixel Mode, the Lady T's, a kind gift from Jori Watler.

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