Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two 52 Week Colour Challenges, Dandelion & Aqua

Dandelion...hmmm, no matter what it's called I still don't do yellow.

I went shopping in Decoy and came across these pretty shorts and well placed scarf. The shorts are simple and system, available in a wide range of pretty colours. The scarf is the real star. Clever design and beautful texturing are the key features. Even in 'yellow' I still love it. there's a colour I adore.

I rooted through my inventory until I came upon a Nicky Ree dress that I had forgotten I had. The DNR Pretty Petal Dress is a floaty summer dress with short sleeves and quite a daring neckline. Again, Nickys hand drawn texturing makes this dress vibrant and alive. It made me think beach so that's where I went to shoot. Worn it a few times since rediscovering it.

I chose AOHARU sandals as their pretty earthstones matched my dress and kept with the beach theme. Also, with matching stones was $GaNKeD$ Arizona necklace. Both these creations pulled the look together.

Skin was PXL, eyes.... and hair

Location was Artilleri

Arty shot here:



Shorts & Scarf: Decoy


Dress: Nicky Ree
Accessories: $GaNKeD$

Sorry folks...I forgot to make a note of stuff but if you read this blog you can take a guess and probably be right :)

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