Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mix and Match

5th & Oxford’s upcoming new release is called Jori. The clothes consist as wonderful separates that you can mix and match colour wise. A great idea and the colours are just perfect for Spring.The blouse is a simple sleeveless, buttoned affair with the option of a detailing ruffle. The skirt, a high and wide waisted, that flares out to mid thigh level. Very pretty and versatile.

As usual the eye to detail and design is beautiful, the colours are muted but pretty and the textures, folds and creases, just perfect.

These separates are clothes I would be happy to wear everyday and its going to be hard to get them off my pixels :).


In All
Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Grace NAT CatEyes NudeLips BlackEB
Hair: >TRUTH<>
Picture 1
Blouse: (5th&Oxford) Jori Blouse - *BONE*
Skirt: (5th&Oxford) Jori Skirt - *BONE*
Undershirt: (5th&Oxford) Jori Blouse - *TURQUOISE*
Picture 2

Blouse: (5th&Oxford) Jori Blouse - *TWIG*
Skirt: (5th&Oxford) Jori Skirt - * TURQUOISE *
Undershirt: (5th&Oxford) Jori Blouse - *EGG BLUE*

Picture 3

Blouse: (5th&Oxford) Jori Blouse - *BONE*
Skirt: (5th&Oxford) Jori Skirt - * TWIG *
Undershirt: (5th&Oxford) Jori Blouse - *TWIG*

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