Monday, March 15, 2010

Sexy Silks

I felt like a change when dressing for my work with Nicky Ree. So, I went through all my Nicky Ree outfits and decided on the DNR Galatea collection. I chose to wear the silks from this set. Having worn them instore, many customers came over wearing them or changing into the same silks…was nice not to feel so bare alone :)

Then I made a promise to a good friend of mine to send them a shot of me wearing them. So having taken shots of this wonderful outfit I then thought to blog it.

These silks are truly beautiful…the sheerness and depth of colour to the silks are wonderful. The design is fantastic. The addition of the coral details an inspiration. The whole ensemble makes one feel truly feminine and beautiful. It inspired a few choice comments from my partner, who definitely enjoyed me wearing them.

This collection includes so many different options…from silks to evening gown…it’s a great addition to any avatars wardrobe.

PS. Arty shot here:


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: Fleur Allure Cinnamon Kitten 1
Hair: >TRUTH< Marianne - espresso
Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Platinum (Big)
Eyelashes: Cake - Separated Lashes - Tintable*
Silks: *DNR* Galatea Sea Goddess Silk Red
Slippers: ::: MOON ::: 1001 Nights Harem Slippers

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