Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morea Style Meets /GEEZ/

One of the benefits of working at the RFL Clothing Fair is meeting and interacting with so many wonderful SL creators. In the case of morea Decosta my introduction came because I was pressed into service to translate for her because the Fair management needed someone to explain things in her native French. I really didn't do that much, but morea gifted me with the beautiful dresses I am sharing with you today.

First up is Collection MOREA STYLE CITY *CORALIE pearl*. The textures and drape of the shimmering fabric are a delight both in motion and standing still. Part of the style is the slightly shorter front. The G Field Ribbon Slingbacks in Salmon [minus the bows] matched perfectly. I hope that I am not alone in thinking that Cerberus Noel's shoes would be worth it at twice the tiny price of L$180. My necklace and earrings are older ones from Paper Couture; the Diamond Bow earrings and the Diamond Bee Necklace. My hair is Nantes in Copper from Tiny Bird. Skin is PXL Creations Kim SpringRose in Natural.

Next is Collection MOREA STYLE * VICTORIA CHAMPAGNE*. This dress is a stunner from the shimmering textures to the gold "sunburst fan" that encloses the upper body. Included are carefully detailed glitch pants with matching trim, gloves and a glorious gold bow. Again the textures and movement are luscious. My jewels are again Paper Couture--this time their Faceted Golden Sapphire Dangle earrings. Obviously no necklace is needed with the golden sunburst. Truth's Cameron in Copper provides an elegant foil, while PXL Creations July SpringPassion in Natural adds a note of polish to the outfit.

All poses are from Grazia Horwitz's new store, /GEEZ/ which will open after the Pose Fair. The poses will be available starting tomorrow at that fair.

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