Thursday, April 29, 2010

They are RED!

I am visiting friends in Macedonia. They are at work and SL is down, so *finally* I blog!

I bought the Red Python shoes at the last Moody sale after craving them for ever so long. OK they are not the best shoes on the grid, so I'm a shoe slut. Cope!

I discovered [and fell in love with] Tomoto at the RFL Clothing Fair and bought this new dress called "summer" I think at the Fantasy Faire. It comes with two skirts, but I like the one with the yellow underskirt showing. Hair is Amrita. I couldn't find them recently so I guess they've poofed :( Earrings are the Suri from GANKED. Skin is an unreleased one from PXL Creations.

This is a mash-up with my new favorite trousers from Narwhal. The primmy bits are superb. I wish they made these in other colors. Top is an old one from First Impressions. The hair is Nantes from Tiny Bird, which I adore. Skin is Curio Breeze Mudslide 2 in Petal. Jools are from the talented hands of Jori Watler of alaMood.

Eyes as always are Poetic Colors and poses by /GEEZ/
Two very different looks for a HOT pair of shoes :)


Anonymous said...

shoe slut <3

Samara Barzane said...

You should talk LOL