Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jori Times Two

Today I'm blogging 2 items named for Jori Watler. If you know Jori, as I do, you know that it would be impossible for her energy and moxie to be contained in a single outfit, so here we go!

The first is a delightful cardigan, designed to mix and match with other 5th&Oxford goodies designed by the uber-talented Roslin Petion, but it mixes and matches nicely with the rest of your pixel wardrobe. I'm wearing it in with my favorite Narwhal pants in Egg Blue. Tucked underneath is the Simple Shimmer Tank in Lemon from *Cupcakes. Shoes are the Jane Wedges in Tan from Shiny Things. I'm wearing L.Fauna's Lapine skin in Pale 2. The makeup is the group gift one, Faberge. Hair is an old Truth called Lucy in whatever he was calling that color back then.

Jori, by MichaMi was made at Jori's request. It is a very simple dress, yet complexly constructed with the sculpty top and skirt. Several sizes of each are included and they are mod. The textures and interior shadows are very well done. The dress comes in a range of colors, both muted and bright, but for me the yellow is the prettiest :) I'm wearing it with ETD Heels Strap in Sunshine. [BTW ETD now seems to be closed]. Earrings are from Paper Couture and the hair is City Life in Red Spice from FuseMelon. I know the skin is PXL Creations, probably Kim in Natural with wine lips.

Poses by /GEEZ/

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Jori Watler said...

Hahahaa.. daz right.. I have great friends who totally have blessed my life.. and named creations after me..

Both Roslin, and Millabean are the cupcakes -

And YOU - F I R E D