Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eenie, meanie... Halloweenie

As Samara pointed out to me not long ago, it's been ages since my last blog post. She actually was nice enough to even ask whether she should kick me out yet or not. I guess it's well deserved. I've got an audience (called Keris, Samara and Fury) who deserves better. My not blogging is not caused by lack of willingness, not even of inspiration. Basically, RL has gone crazy job-wise and has ended up kicking me out of SL™. Too much RL work means cutting down on SL time, so the first casualty was my job as an SL translator with Babel Translations. Pity, Peter Stindberg has been a great boss and I haven't really had a chance to tell him. Even more pity, no SL job and a rental to pay means L$ run out in no time. Result: no shopping. I'm serious. I haven't been out shopping for MONTHS (!!)... well, ok, no shopping anywhere other than The Dressing Room. That, I couldn't help. The drama, innit? Well, it doesn't end here.

Fast forward to beginning of October. I log in at our newly-rearranged treehouse (after halving our parcel to cut down expenses) to find that I can't rez objects, even wearing the land group tag. Say what? Then I notice the dreadful words: "Abandoned land". Our parcel is now owned by Governor Linden. Oh, no! And we've just paid the rent for a whole month. After some research, Keris -The Boyfriend- and I conclude that our landowner has vanished into thin air without a word. Which is, I must say, not nice. I won't name names because he's been wonderful and very understanding until the very moment of his disappearing act -- besides, we don't know whether something awful has happened to him. But let's be honest, sending at least a group notice would have been appreciated by the many people who lived across his land. Anyways, after clearing out all the no-copy items from our parcel (the rest shall not be removed until our rental expires), I tell Samara the story. She, being the guardian angel that she is (and has been all my SLife), offers to put something up for us on her sky. I decline, but I tell her I'll gladly come over if I ever need to unpack a box.

Another fast forward to last weekend. I log in and, amongst my non-capped IMs I receive a handful of Halloween group gifts, but I don't pay much attention to them. Later, Keris reminds me we're going to a party next Saturday, and says he'd like a costume, so we go over to the old places we still remember, back from the good old shopping spree days. He gets his costume, and then I get the itch. I want a Halloween costume, too! So, I decide to unpack those mysterious boxes I've received... we go over to Sam's land... Bingo! The dress, the shoes, the hair... it all fits! And then... oops, Sam just logged in, and we're squatting at her place... in Halloween costumes! Being the good sport that she is, she didn't mind at all. She just sat with us, and suddenly decided to show us her own amazing Halloween outfit. And then it struck me: we could take a Halloween group photo! Easier said than done, but with this team, who let me boss around quite a good deal, done is easy-peasy too. I bossed around because I was the accidental photographer, and here is the result:

*Fence with poses by GLITTERATI*

So, have you got your costume yet? If not, you could let yourself be inspired by...

Cadaverous King Keris, wearing:
Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Pacific
Costume: .:Lapointe & Bastchild:. Death Royale
Shoes: Evocative Boots - Cuban Ankle Boots (included with outfit)

Small but Terrifying Samara, colourfully dressed in:
Skin: Fleur Allure Truffle Audacious 1
Hair: +IROLLIC+ Hello Halloween Pumpkin hair :D
Costume: DCNY HALLOWEEN 2009 Freebie Dress
Shoes: ETD Heel Strap Platforms Persimmon
Jewellery: ET~The Pumpkin Patch Earrings

or yours truly, Just Evil Elaine, in:
Eyes: (Miriel) Standard Eyes - Quiet Green
Skin: Tuli The Dressing Room LE Gina 01
Hair: Exile Mina GG Mix (group gift)
Costume: LeeZu! Annie Dress (Halloween Gift)
Shoes: SLink Lara Pumps Black (group gift)
Accessories: *Sheer* Tights 22: Mesh Black (lower)

So... I guess all's well that ends well!


Samara Barzane said...

BOO! We do look ~spooky~ :) Your pics came out NICE.

Fury said...

wb. Cool blog, Elaine. So does that mean you are going to blog again???

Elaine Lisle said...

Thanks both for your compliments <3

Sam: I really liked your pictures, but mine did have a slightly better resolution, that's why I went with those - if you check my Flickr you'll see I've done some postprocessing on them to add more spook :-)

Fury: I never meant to actually stop blogging, and right now I'm not even sure how often I'll get the time to do it, but my intention is definitely to remain on the boat!