Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"To say or express by gestures."

Is how ges·tic·u·late (j-stky-lt) is defined, a fitting name for Elusyve Jewell and Gidge Uriza's newish pose shop. Now that they have taken a store at Copley Square, I hied myself across the sim and ended up buying the !GE! Mif 1-5 pose pack, of which 4 are pictured:) I love the happy quirkiness and the fact that they work well from several angles.

Most of what I'm wearing is either only available on SL Marketplace or not at all:

MichaMi: Glitter Tube & Leggings in Purple [Marketplace]
Lyra Muse: Vanessa shoes in Gunmetal [NA]
Soda Designs Custom Skin
FuseMelon: City Life hair in Red Spice
AlaMood: Infinity necklace and Simplicity earrings



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