Sunday, November 21, 2010

52 Goldenrod

Thanks to Luna Jubilee for this challenge:) Only two items came up for Goldenrod in my inventory and one had already been blogged so I decided to dig a bit further for "may be named 'yellow' but sure looks like goldenrod to me" options. I ended up in /artilleri/ as her "yellow" looks "goldenrod" to me;)

So I am wearing... /artilleri/'s Bowling shirt *Flames - Black/Color* and the skirt from Poodle Power! *yellow* . It feels as though it needs a belt, but any belt I added covered the obvious match between the two parts so got nixed. Anyway it's two powerful retro icons in a single shot!

I'm still wearing Kalnin's Promenade boots, PXL Creations Candy Bronze Lips in Natural and Elikatira's Details in Blonde 02.

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