Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From Copley Square

As many of you know I work for the Copley Square shopping sim. Normally I try to keep work and blogging apart, but when I found myself wearing and posing "a la CS" I decided to blog:)

The dress is from MIU, a new one called Astray. It comes with many more parts than I am wearing [leggings, armwarmers, cowl neckpiece etc...], but the basic dress plus shrug felt right for me.The design and textures are nicely done and the dress is a fun one to wear. I've paired it with the new Kanins Promenade boots, still at a promo price until Thursday I believe. Eleven colors in one slick, stylish boot. Not bad. My 3rd CS item are the poses from Gesticulate, a new store that is new to Copley too!

Otherwise I am wearing Eha hair, Violet Voltaire's "No Love Lost" in Iron, Blowpop fishnets (R) and my favorite PXL Creations skin Candy with cateyes and bronze lips. (R)

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