Saturday, November 20, 2010

All around the skirt

I find patterns particularly hard to combine, especially animal and camo prints. So what happens is that, generally, I fiddle with the item for a while but in the end I never wear it: I just give up, figuring I lack the skill to mix and match. But when this skirt saw the light after hiding in my inventory for a while, I figured it was worth a shot, considering I didn't even have to adjust the prims. The culprit is Mimikri's Peggy sculpted mini in Olive, which I purchased in The Dressing Room Blue a while ago (meaning it's no longer available). The skirt came with a blouse which was too short, too sheer, and not autumnal enough for the look I had in mind. So, here was a challenge: finding something to wear it with in my out-of-control, out-of-date inventory. In the end I came up with not just one, but two combinations.

The length of the skirt (or rather, the shortness) made boots an immediate must -- any excuse is good for boots. It was just the perfect chance to wear these again since I bought them last spring - J's Western boots. After trying them on the legs still seemed too bare, so I figured I had to find the right tights to go with the skirt. A quick inventory search for "tights" and, bingo, I had bought the whole lot at a place called MCs ages ago, so I was bound to find a colour that matched. In the end I opted for Dark Olive, from the Earth Tone pack. After that came the hardest part, finding a top, which is where I would normally give up. I had already included dark brown and olive green, so I figured camel would be a good option to pick up on the skirt's shades. So, I donned an old favourite, the Julie Sweater from the long gone Last Call. The combo looked nice, but somehow too bland... and then it dawned on me: how about adding a jacket on top, to give it a more layered feel? This bolero is part of the Robot Love outfit by Icing, but can be worn with almost anything, classic to modern. And last, on to accessories... how about something made of wood? Then, it has to be the Heartwood necklace from -back when I bought it,-Earthtones with its matching bracelet. That's it, got it! But... wait... how about a black turtleneck and thicker tights?

For this other, more wintery look, I chose the Eva turtleneck in black, by Pink Outfitters, together with the PixelDolls green knit leggings. To avoid clashes between the sweater prims and the jewellery, I decided to go without any accessories. So, not bad, in the end!

The other stuff:
Hair - Amelia by (Jealous red); eyes - Miriel in Forest (store no longer existing); skin - Helena 03 by Tuli (TDR special, no longer available); poses (1st pic) Glitterati, (2nd pic) - /GEEZ/

Full outfit details


Samara Barzane said...

You BLOGGED) *faints dead away* Seriously--it's another well conceived and well-written post.

Elaine Lisle said...

thank you, professor Barzane :-p

it took me a whole week, but I did it... I guess this means I'm getting my life back into shape *faints, too*