Saturday, April 30, 2011


After having used the same skirt twice in service of 2 blue posts I was tearing out my pixel hair by the roots, until Anessa Stine of DCNY dropped her new Linen Tunic on me and the color included "Sky". PHEW! The primmy bits edited easily and voilĂ , "periwinkle." The Denim Vintage Capris I am wearing are from ETD and no longer available, but I thought the texture worked well with Anessa's tunic. Further down are the TomBoy Sneakies in Blue. I love these because they come in a tied and untied version, from long before scripts did all that work for us.

Other Important Details:
Skin: Adam n Eve Paige Natural
Hair: Tiny Bird Soon Enough II in Copper
Earrings: GANKED Michi in Silver/Blue

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