Tuesday, July 26, 2011


OK ok--how else was I going to catch up? The only thing really new is the decked tank from Nyte'n'Day in Lemon. The rest was in inventory since... ummmmmm...

CELADON details:
MichaMi Shift Dress in Green
Maya 2 from luc Fashion Jewelry
Vidalia Shoes in metallic "something" from Armidi
Hair--not sure what from elikatira
Gaia Natural from PXL Creations

LEMON details:
Lemon Decked Tank from Nyte'n'Day
ETD Heel Strap Platforms in Sunshine [NA]
Perfect Fit Capris in Sunwash from SWA [NA]
City Life Hair in Spice from FuseMelon
Jewelry from DelEmma- Seaglass in Yellow
Kim Natural in SpringSienna from PXL Creations

**all poses from [LAP]**

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