Friday, July 29, 2011

NEW in Your SL Library--Plus Albero Gacha Time:)

With 12 new avatars in our library being a noob just got better. Best part is that many are by Adam n Eve. Now Bollywood on the left isn't new, but she's so elegant I couldn't resist. I'm wearing my own shape, but it really makes me look exotic and "un-sam-like" I think. Don't miss Damen's earrings--they are gorgeous. The other three are new and are very wearable. I particularly like the skin with hairbase and hair for the female dancer. Unfortunately for other use it comes with the clothes on the skin so you have to work around that on a re-wear. Which I did below.

I wore the jacket from the Pirate avatar over the leotard . Albero Gacha items are the feather.earrings in pink and 2 of the Alpha Villian's glasses. The Transparent SinnerMan's work better than the Cat-Eye Glasses (Pink) because *erm* they are alpha prims. These aren't your high end bells and whistles glasses, but they is great fun :) Hop over to Hyssop and get yours!

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