Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Milla & sachi

sachi Vixen and Milla Michinaga are not only two of my dearest friends in SL, but both are very gifted content creators. And both of them know that I wouldn't blog their work if I didn't like it. So you can infer that I LIKE:) Very much.

On the left is sachi's newest fantasy dress. It has gorgeous textures and beautifully done sculpted parts. With it I am wearing jewelry from one of my favorite fantasy stores, Tekili-li. It's the Louhi set. I suppose I could look fiercer, but it's just not me.

MichaMi's Brocade Belle Dress [R] in Gold comes with two skirts, resizable either manually or with a script, but it just popped on and stayed there :) The textures are lovely, especially the lacework at the top of the bodice. The Madame Royale set in Cognac from MOOD completed the look.

Details for both outfits:
Shoes--Armidi's Vidalia
Hair--elikatira's Details
Skin-- Adam n Eve's Dany [R]
Poses--Long Awkward Pose [R]

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