Friday, September 2, 2011


Late again:( So here are both JAZZBERRY and CHARTREUSE.

For Jazzberry the centerpiece are the Thread Leaf Wings from Seven's Selection in Magenta. Other clothing items are the corset from Ivalde's stephani dress also in Magenta [R] and the Sunny Leggings in Magenta from Prelude. [NA-I think]. Hair is Exile's Glory in Cayenne/Roots. Skin is Liane-Natural with Pinkade Eyeshadow from Adam n Eve.

The only two items in my inventory labeled as "chartreuse" are these two. The dress in an old one from Celestial Studios, the Phoenix Sweater Dress. [NA] I remember IMing Starley and thanking her for the system skirt. The belt has been a useful one for me. The lace-trimmedcami and leggings came with the dress. The shoes are from Ingenue called Tallula. Skin is PXL Creations' Gaia with copper lips. Hair is, again, Exile's Glory in Cayenne/Roots.

All poses are from /GEEZ/ [R]

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Fury said...

You are almost caught up both these looks <3