Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chalice's Challenge

I started this challenge given to us by Chalice Carling, by looking for separates, but had a shortage of suitable skirts. So, since I own absolutely zero wedding dresses [outlawed from the challenge anyway], I looked through my Last Call outfits for something appropriate and found 2.

The first is Kerry, one of my earliest full-price Last Call purchases. While it comes with a necklace, I opted for the paper couture Sparkling Spheres set from their 2010 collection. Shoes are ETD's D'Orsay stilettos in Nude, hair is Cameron in Copper from Truth and skin is PXL Creations July NAT SpringWine MEB. I think this would be suitable for an afternoon church wedding.

This dress would be for a beach wedding I think, perhaps with a stole that I don't own. Sofia is the dress, also from Last Call. My necklace is Poseidon in Rose from (luc) Fashion Jewelry. Everything else remains the same. I wish I could have met the challenge more creatively, but this is what my inventory had. And getting married in Last Call would be far from shabby.

Poses by [LAP]


Grazia said...

hehehe... i love you for picking a set of slacks for a wedding :-D

Fury said...

I agree with Grazia...nice original idea :)