Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tussi from Mimikri

I have to be honest and say that, after an early fascination with the creations from Mimikri, I became less interested. But with Tussi I'm back:) What I love the most is the semi sheer system skirt with the prim overlay. There are three plays on "diamond" here, system, prim diamond shapes reflecting the system skirt and then the actual "diamonds." It comes in many colors, but I chose Sand as I think it reveal some of the subtleties of the design.

Other items worn:
Fishnets in Pearl from *blowpop*
Heel Strap Platforms in Linen from ETD
PXL Creations July NAT SpringRose MEB
Sparkling Spheres Stud earrings from Paper Couture
The Knife in Caramel from Tiny Bird
Poses are from Reel Expression

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