Monday, February 15, 2010

Tarty Sam

Yup I'm a tart, thanks to hyasynth Tiramisu's new Kurai Tart. It shares the design elements of the original Kurai Suit, but adds a skimpy, lacy, dare I say "tarty" skirt, which I am wearing in Brass. It includes the wonderful arm-warmers. Be sure to look at the intricate lace on the edges. And under is a pair of even skimpier, yet nicely detailed panties. This is an exceptional outfit for any pixel tart.

Honey Topaz Birthstone Necklace from Pen's Jewelry (only one of many beautiful colors)
Black Fishnets from *blowpop* (the best on the grid!)
Prestige Boots by Bax Coen in Brown Suede (OK I'm a shoe slut-so sue me!)

Skin: PXL Creations' July SpringRose in Natural
Hair: Truth's Grazia in Copper

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