Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Edge

sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve is known for her sexy [and tasteful] designs, so when she dropped me Edge I expected something special. And I was not disappointed. This design looks very modest. Lots of coverage, high neckline... that is until you look at the lace at the top...

The textures are sleek and nicely shaded. The dress comes with 2 skirts, one a scrap of a mini, the other a small flexi skirt. In all pictures I am wearing skins, also from Adam n Eve. For the black and the green I chose Angel Cariad in Tone 2, alas discontinued. With the purple version I am wearing an unreleased skin from sachi. My shoes [and I do mean MY], the Samara heels, one of the few designs to survive the recent retirement sale at Adam n Eve. They go perfectly with the new dress. Hair in all three photos is booN RRW202 in Sandy, currently available at The Dressing Room.

It is really only with the last picture and the darker skin tone that you can see Edge's naughtiness... oh my :)

Go take a look at Edge and the other new goodies and be sure to enjoy the new build conjured up by sachi & Damen. It is very smart and modern.

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