Friday, June 4, 2010

We're alaMood!

When Jori dropped her Kalnera set made especially for the ongoing Mental Health Awareness Fair I was already wearing 5th & Oxford's Seaside Sweetie shorts and halter. When I saw the beautiful blues in Kalnera I changed into the striped halter in pink and the shorts in turquoise. Tiny Bird's Postcards from Italy showed off the earrings nicely and the Boardwalkers from Sand Shack in Pelican Blue finished the look.

The entire Kalnera Collections will be available at alaMood tomorrow.

Skin: Claire from La Sylphide
Poses: /GEEZ/


Jori Watler said...

I cannot fire you for at least 2 hours now. I love this look! And you look amazing as always - thank you for blog! MWAHS!

Grazia said...

you look adorable... and tell me when she fires you again, I have some blackmail material on her (evil_grin)