Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back from EXILE

To be honest I own very little Exile hair, but when I read on Plurk that Exile had new textures and new hairsies I trotted over. OK I waded through the lag and got some demos. I ended up buying Opal in the Naturals pack. I am a redhead, but I do like having options for particular looks. I am wearing 3 of the colors from that pack, Sunset, Chardonnay and Marone. What is special is the options of roots and streaks. I chose to show each color with a contrasting streak. The list of options seems to be the whole new color range, so experiment away!

Other details:
PXL Creations new Gaia skin in Natural
G Field subscribo gift top
Poetic Colors eyes in Lavender Field.
Pose from STaTUS

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