Sunday, May 29, 2011

High-tech honey!

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post again. The good news is I finally got myself a new computer. The bad news, I can't take pictures with shadows on Phoenix - the result after trying is just a blank, or rather black, image. Tough luck. Maybe one day I'll have the patience to try the V2 viewer.

In the last few months, I've started a major inventory cleanup operation
during my scarce SL time. I'm not really going to blog about that because there's enough tutorials on the topic - I'm essentially following the same steps as Harlow Heslop, perhaps with small variations. I started out with a nearly 40k inventory, which is now almost down to 30k, but that figure means I still have tons of work to do.

What's the point in me mentioning it, then? Well, the best thing about inventory cleanup is that one gets to discover real gems hidden in unpacked boxes, long-lost folders, etc. And what I'd like to blog about is one of those: the Raider dress from Miel (which means honey in Spanish). It sneaked into my inventory as a group gift when I touched their subscribo at some point, probably on the visit in which I got demos of pretty much everything they sell - and then never remembered to try them on, because I lost said demos in the chaos of my inventory. Anyway, the demos are now neatly packed in my "Demos" folder, and their dress makes a pretty good visiting card:

It comes in the six colours you can see above (left to right: nero, lime, gold, sky, coco and cranberry), both in solid and striped versions. In the picture I'm wearing the solid versions, except for nero, which is striped. All layer options are included, plus three sculpted parts: top, belt and skirt. The prims have a resize script that makes it really easy to fit to perfection (no zero-size bottom was needed in my case) and the colour changes are also controlled via script - which makes the dress a wonder of technology, as you only need to click once for all the different parts to change. Very practical.

Such a dress really deserved a proper set of shoes, so I went on a trip to the Shoe Fair 2011 for the occasion. I'll blog about my finds some time soon - for now, this is the list of what I got:
Maitreya Gold: Foxy in Pearl (worn with nero)
Baiastice: Maxine wedges in Sylver (with lime and sky) -Fair exclusive-
N-core: SOLEIL in Coffee (with gold and coco)
[Decoy]: Naucci Heels in Blue (paired with cranberry)

To finish off, I just added bangles to accessorise. Left to right:

TDR special Bangle I
Zaara : Melange bangles L (green)
RH Engel Jewelry - Sahara Collection - Tigers Eye Bangle
Zaara : Melange bangles L (blue)
ZC : Indra painted stacked bangles *gold* R

Hair in all cases is Truth's new-ish Phoebie (cranberry), skin is Belleza's Erika (group gift) and eyes are the Golden Green of Amacci's Real Eyes collection. Yes, I'm still looking for new eyes.


Samara Barzane said...

Hey honey--you're home :)

Fury said...

Lovely post Elaine :)