Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Actually it's tomorrow that is the 2 year anniversary of this blog, but never too early to celebrate!

At the beginning it was just me, but over time Noena Merlin, Fury Stapleton & Elaine Lisle joined in, adding their unique voices and skills to The 3 Fashionteers. The name has changed twice since the blog's beginning, but we have always sought to both edify and entertain, while giving our honest opinions.

Left to right: Noena, Elaine, Fury

So in hono[u]r of us all, here are the 3 first photos each posted on the blog. [If you think I'm going to post my first miserable photo you are wrong!] It's been a pleasure not only to be their friends, but to have the privilege of meeting each of them in RL. I can tell you that they are just as wonderful in RL as they are in SL, if not better :)

So here's to 2 years of blogging and friendship! And hopefully many more.


Grazia said...


Beulah said...

WOW congrats and thank you for all the hard work you put into this.
Keep having fun and we will keep reading

Fury said...

Aww sweetpea Sam! Its been both an honour and a privilage to call you friend in all the time I have known you. We have all had some good laughs..may we have many more. Thanks for letting me be a part of this blog xx

Milla Michinaga said...


Samara Barzane said...

Thanks everyone--it's been rewarding AND fun!

Elaine Lisle said...

<3 <3 <3!

As Fury rightfully said, it's an honour and a pleasure to be your friend as well as your partner in fashion crime (not implying you commit those, just talking about myself :-p).
Since that lucky day I arrived in ETD with my hard-earned 100L$ you've showed me that I was wrong in many of my presumptions about humankind - there is such a thing as natural goodness, and you are a clear example. Again, thank you.

(The length of this comment goes to show that I'm going cold turkey without blogging for so long)
/end pseudo-blog post