Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flight of Fancy

It all started with a picture Aemilia Case posted on plurk -- a hairstyle with a witch's hat. I asked for a version without a hat and she said it was coming. And here it is -- Twig Snap in Red Spice.

In IMs with Aems I suggested it looked like "cootie garages" and that it needed birds to make it complete, since it resembled a coiled bird's nest. I ended up attaching the HPMD* bluebird to my chin and editing ... and yes it's one of those that ^chirps^. I was able to make it small enough to nestle in my hair. I love the stray flying bits in the style as well as the slightly ragged-edged bangs.

Continuing the theme of flight I then added the *BOOM* Aranel's Wings (flared). These wings are beautifully made. I particularly like the bit of glow around the edges as well as the heart "plumb line."

The rest of my outfit I have blogged before: belt from Dark Mouse, MichaMi's Laila top in Cream, LF Fashion Isabeau leather pants in brown, J's ankle boots in sand and PXL Creation's Grace Natural cateyes/rose lips with freckles. My tattoo, barely visible, is the hart, thistle & thorn tattoo from ~silent sparrow~.

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