Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snuggling in for the winter...

It's getting d**n cold here now, and even with the sun out, the brisk wind is a not so gentle reminder of what's to come. So I've been wandering around my beach house wearing legwarmers LOL.

But it's all an excuse to wear Elinor from DCNY. I seldom shop there, but I fell for the colorful bird on the sweater and the fluttery and a bit ragged skirt. I would have preferred a prim belt to the one on the system layer, but that's a small beef. My earrings are Miel's 50 Linden Friday ones from yesterday, which are perfect with this cold season look. Stocking are Ajour in Mud from Mimikri. The big story are the legwarmers though. I tried everywhere. I had a friend ask on Fashion Emergency [a casualty of the 25 group limit], but finally I bought the ones at Ducknipple. But alas they didn't match, so I copied the right ankle prim and plopped it on my left ankle and edited. And yes, those are Stiletto Moody's Bitch Booties peeking out.

The main events are Truth's Cameron hair in Auburn. It's one of the most flattering styles for me in a long while. Same deal with the new N2 Elizabeth skin from the most generous, Annyka Bekkers. I'll show you more soon, but this is the Granny Apple 2.2, that is, the second makeup in Tone B. The light smattering of face freckles are a real delight.

I fell in love with Linnea from Angel Dessous on the feed. I struggled over the color in the store, but in the end the Beige won out because the sparkly parts on the belt and sleeve were more subtle and it reminded me of snow. It comes with the long socks, as well as many other variations on the neckline, including a hoodie version. Maitreya's Bloom boots in white came out of hiding to complete the look. Hair is's Allison in Scornful Red, skin is my new standby, Kim Spring Rose in Natural. My earrings are Ice Queen from Random Calliope, a present from my fellow blogger, Noena.

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