Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh What a Difference a Filtercam Makes!

I had always wondered about Mechanized Life's Filtercam, but assumed it would be too complicated for my small pixel brain. How wrong I was!

Codebastard Redgrave was kind enough to offer a Halloween version to the bloggers on Plurk. So I asked [nicely I hope:)] and it was MINE. And folks, it couldn't be more easy-peasy. Even Sam in a blonde moment had no trouble.

Since I was supposed to be doing three other things I just did a quick shoot at my beach house. No commentary is necessary. The Filtercam adds atmosphere to an otherwise dull shot.

Under the blood I am wearing Adam n Eve's Saucy lingerie, sixty-nine's Model hair [includes the pose] and a new 5th & Oxford Little Miss Audrey skin in Medium, probably #6.

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Codie said...

Very nice comments about FilterCam, thank you so much! I'm super excited that you see your reaction about, which i must admit is overwhelming among users ;) When they find out it's that simple, it just becomes one of their common use gadgets. I'm really proud of my baby, especially when seeing all the creative uses people do out of it. Looking forward to see other FilterCam shots from you! Again, TY! <3