Monday, September 20, 2010

A Gift

Samara Barzane is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met inworld, and I don’t mean her avi looks- although she is beautiful. Last week she insisted I went over to check out Paper Couture's new 2010 autumn collection. I was reluctant but Sam is, if nothing else, very persuasive and very difficult to say ‘no’ to. We played Linden Dollar ping pong for a while until she insisted that I buy something as an early birthday present. What could I say but OK.

I have bought PC in the past few years and love their unique creativity in clothes design. However, on a couple of occasions I have been a little disappointed in their execution of the clothes. So, after I bought both Red Skies and Shell Stitched Linen gowns I quickly tried them on. I haven’t blogged Red Skies as I was unhappy with the quality of the clothes making. With the Shell Stitched Linen gown I was delighted with the design and quality of creation BUT no glitch pants were included with the gown. Now, I never go knickerless inworld so I rummaged for suitable under garments that would not show below this incredible skirt. Is this just a mishap by PC or laziness or on purpose…whatever I feel it should be my choice if I decide to go without underwear and feel an inworld skirt is incomplete without its glitch pants.

On the plus side, what an incredible gown. A tube corset top sits on a short system skirt that is hidden by a double layer of linen. The skirt is shorter at the front and cascades to its full length creating a lovely frame for the legs. I love it.

The rest of what I am wearing can be found below.

Thank you Sam for a beautiful present x

PS. Alternative shot here;


Shape: custom, FuriousDesigns
Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Orange DEB
Hair: >TRUTH<>


Izutsu said...

Paper Couture, I believe, Fury... not Cultures. Yours, in fashion loving pedantry...

Fury said...

I am but a mere scientist, I therefore cannot spell :) I sit corrected Izutsu, thank you <3