Monday, September 6, 2010

Heigh-ho! Come to the Fair!

The Hair Fair that is.

Running until September 19 on 4 sims it is an annual event that supports the worthwhile organization, Wigs for Kids. Since I'm under some RL pressure these days, this will be a bit more catalog-ey than I'd like and only covers a very few of the offerings. All of the styles cries out for their own "look", but I opted for just a top and an occasional change of skin.

left to right:
Banadana Day (Vanity Hair), Islands (Tiny Bird), Kelani/Russet Glow (Damselfly)
Comments: I chose this bandanna because they took liberties with the basic shape and created something very wearable. While I always love Tiny Bird and Islands is no exception, I have never really given Damselfly a chance. And Kelani is a winner.

left to right:
Connie/Golden (Adam n Eve) (R), Turnip Sorbet/Pipi (Clawtooth) (R)
Comments: sachi has just started making sculpty hair. I hope she never stops. What to say about Bubbles? Edgy, retro and reds that leave no doubt.

left to right:
My Shilova/Orange you glad (Clawtooth (R), Miranda (Tekeli-li), Iris/Pearl (Adam n Eve) (R)
Comments: See above. As for Tekeli-li I am ready to destroy the infidels! All metal and gem elements are color-change.

left to right:
Daisy Darling/goldenblonde (Tea Lane) (R), Wasted Tiers/lightcoolbrown (Tea Lane) (R)
Comment: Teagan dropped a number of styles on me and I had a lot of fun trying them on and playing with the color change menus on Wasted Tiers. These styles in particular cried out for a creative photoshoot. Both are a collaboration between Teagan and Laynie.

There is MUCH more at the Hair Fair--so get thee there pronto!

Skins are from PXL Creations and Adam n Eve.
Poses are from /GEEZ/


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