Saturday, January 1, 2011

52 Green (which it's easy to be!)

Unlike Kermit, as a SL redhead, "being green" is easy for me. Doing a search on "green" would bring up half my inventory. So, for this 52 Challenge I actually bought something new. Well Neferia Abel made it easy [there's a theme here...] by putting her new dress, Joanie, which just happened to come in green, on sale that week! The velvet texture as well as the butterfly belt, little butterflies on the sleeve and the beautifully fitted blouse make for a perfect green. My earrting are actually shamrocks from GANKED, but they looked enough like butterflies to get the nod.

Other details:
shoes: ETD's D'Orsay in Random Green [NA]
gloves: Fleur's leather gloves, mid-length in Emerald. [about to be NA]
hair: elikatira's Rumor in Red05
skin: PXL Creations Natural,cateye/passion--not sure which skin. [R]
poses: /GEEZ/ [R]

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