Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Good it Takes Two AAs

Swan Ling is the proprietor of Argyle Anonymous, hence the double AAs! She was brought to my attention by her RL sis, Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces, but the rest was love at first sight:) There is a limited number of items, each available in nicely retro-funky patterns. I tried to put together my own combination, but once I decided I wanted the Original Denim Skirt, such a flirty hem, I couldn't avoid the combination in her poster. Oh well. So much for MY originality. I selected the Button Shirt in Orange and the Cream Floral Tank.

Other details:
Aurora Hair 01
Shiny Things Plainers in Black
Dark Mouse Obsidian Eye Jewelry in Gold
Adam & Eve Taylor Gold Natural
Poses by /GEEZ/

1 comment:

Fury said...

So pretty!! So much so that I have gone and bought that blouse in 3 Sam for leading me astray :)