Saturday, February 12, 2011

52 Black

I know I'm late. So cope;) Thanks again to Luna Jubilee for starting the 52 week challenge.

So much black, so hard to choose, In the end I went for sachi's new Chiandra dress in black for Adam and Eve. The textures are much more detailed that the picture shows and the dress itself is modest and elegant. My skin is a beta of sachi's new Rosalie "goth" skin [R], which has a beautiful arty feel to it.

Jools are from the talented pixel fingers of Jori Watler of MOOD. The set is called Fallen Tears and I'm wearing it in gold. [R] My hair is Tiny Bird's Soma in butterfinger I think. With the pale skin and the black dress I thought a lighter color might work--and I think it does. Poses are from !BANG.

On to RED.

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