Monday, February 7, 2011

A secret

Oh-my-god. I shopped. Not just a quick log-in-to-TP-to-TDR (The Dressing Room, I presume everyone knows it by now), buy what's being offered that I suspect I may like, log off and forget. Nope - last weekend I actually went to shops where all the items were made by the same creator and set at full price. How did that happen? It started as a fairly normal TDR routine, when I had to notice (everyone has, apparently) the amazing skirt by a guest store called The Secret Store. I have no idea how long they've been around, but they were new to me so I went to have a look at what they had to offer. They're on a sim called Cheesecake, so I decided there could be nothing bad. And oh boy, was I right. Almost as good as cheesecake.

Amongst the (many) items I bought, a dress in particular, called
Pretty Poppy, caught my eye. I wasn't disappointed on unpacking: the textures and the sculpted primwork are just incredible; it comes with an accessory belt plus the chest ruffles in two attachment point options. If I had to find a fault with it, I guess it would be that the glitch pants only come in the underwear layer, which makes it kinda not-so-easy to find appropriate tights to wear it with. But hey, I managed.

After buying all those pretty clothes, I decided that it would only be fair to get new hair to go with them, so I paid a visit to my two old loves: Elikatira and Truth. [me sighs] How I love them, and how grateful I am that they have stores on the Marketplace, so I can avoid the infernal lag. With that excuse, I proceeded to try every single demo, and eventually settled on Elikatira's Mood (Red 08 being my colour) to go with the dress. I was tempted to buy a new skin too and went straight for Tuli's demos, but then I decided to give Belleza's group gift Erika a try - and it won my heart. There are two Erikas in the gift box at the store, I chose the one with turquoise eyeshadow for the pictures with the dress, but here's a closeup of my new face in the bare option. It's not for me to say it, but it's lovely, innit?

Since I was at it I tried to renew my eyes as well (Miriel's probably been closed for over a year now, it's time to move on) but, to be honest, I found nothing that convinced me. I picked both the Poetic Colors and the Amacci gifts, but if those are anything to go by, I'll pass. So, I'm back where I started. If anyone was a Miriel lover and has found a convincing substitute, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll just stick to the oldies and goodies.
To round up the look, I added the Delphine pumps in gold by Shiny Things, another group gift, SBJ's gold necklace (FabFree gift) and Glow Studio's Lowicz thick wood branclet (TDR item). The tights are a prehistorical tintable pair, but still work for me. Poses are from Samara's photosphere, by various creators participating in the 2010 pose fair [hey, that's what Sam's poseball said!].

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