Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Eyes on Rosalie:)

This could also be 52 Black 2 ;) In any case sachi Vixen has released a new, very lovely goth skin named Rosalie. [R] Just one tone, but many lip colors and then the eye makeup tattoos. I'm wearing "Mystic." There is a design for everyone, but this one just seemed to suit Sam. This is a skin and eye makeup combination that you should try for yourself. The skin shading is very elegant, yet definite. And the tone responds well to different lighting, going from the palest goth you could want to a slightly creamy look, which is showing in these pictures.

Other Details:
Earrings: paper couture
Dress: Sascha Designs
Poses: !BANG
Hair: Tiny Bird Soma in Honeycomb

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