Friday, June 3, 2011

BOOM Bloom

Ok, so I jumped on the Bloom Doll bandwagon. Even worse is that I am so slow at blogging it…lol.

After wearing my new Bloom Doll, by Sand Shack Surf Co., I suddenly realised I had the perfect outfit waiting for me to blog ( and yes, this too is late). Aranel Ah dropped me a bloggers pack which I decided to wear with this new purchase. The pack consisted of ‘A Day on a Yacht’ sailor dress, Deck shoes, a Sailor cap and a Lynx Skinny Belt. OMG so cute!! Everything is well made with excellent textures. The design is just perfect.

Wearing this sailor outfit with the Bloom Doll…overkill on cuteness…lol

The only thing left was the hair and, although no longer available, I knew that one of the ETD hairs tweaked would be ideal.

So…there you have it…a BOOM Bloom!

Original Picture can be found here:


Shape, Skin and Head: Sand Shack Surf Co. *Bloom Doll* (avatar) / Spooky Bloom
Hair: ETD Xaria – Black, resized
Sailor Girl Outfit: *BOOM* Sailor Girl Outfit, including dress, cap, shoes and belt


Samara Barzane said...

Such a *cutie*

Elaine Lisle said...


Fury said...

Sam thankies x

Elaine, sweet of you , ty :)