Sunday, May 10, 2009

All about Grace: Finding my "Hart"

To be honest, although I had tried PXL Creation's earlier skin demos, it wasn't until my SL sis, Grazia Horwitz, told me to look at the new Grace, that I found my "Hart."

My first purchase was Grace Natural CatEyes RoseLips. I choose to wear it with Brown brows and freckles. And let me say here that I absolutely adore the freckles--they go all over the body and they are perfect :) It's on the left, above. On the right is Grace Fair Cat Eyes Flamenco lips, also with brown brows.

After purchasing my first "Grace" I offered on plurk to look at an upcoming beta and then asked for a makeup with copper lips and green eyeshadow in the future [I know, pushy pack 'o' pixels] and before I knew it Hart dropped the Grace Fair Blogger's Pack --oh well he calls it Skin-Whores-In-A-Box . How did he know? Anyway I got a look at both the released skins and the new spring makeups.

And YES--my green eyeshadow is there :) It's on the left above. The Makeup is Grace Fair Spring Flamenco lips. On the right is Grace Fair Spring Nude lips.

Above are Grace Fair Dark Eyes with Coffee Lips and Grace Fair Nude with Nude lips. Eyebrows remain brown.

Last, but far from least, are two more Grace Fair Spring makeups. On the left is Red lips, on the right Wine lips. What I like about the Grace Spring makeups is that they move a bit into color in the eye makeup, something I had missed in PXL skins previously.

Hair is ETD Loraine in Crimson. Earrings, the Gypsy Soul from Love Chic

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